The Enemies of Art

A CURATOR is a warden, a keeper. The role has expanded because the 'museum' has expanded. So now you're also a chooser.
So, when you bring items into the light from wherever they're stored – perhaps because you think there are useful correspondences between them, perhaps because you think you discern a new trend – you must of course not give way to any temptation to imagine you are instrumental in those correspondences or trends. This ethos of toxic stupidity often runs wild in some curators' minds and they start to tell artists what to do. At this point, you should have a burning stake driven through your hollow heart.

ANYONE who touches anything.

THOSE who make and sustain art competitions. These are opportunities to write large the errors of bad curatorship, fraudulently manufacturing consensus about achievement.

ANYONE who asks for answers from the artist (or anyone or anything) rather than the art.

PERPETUATORS of the nonsense that you can read works of art. In attempting to read art (beyond the labels and any written content) you will immediately wander into irrelevance (and you will do this because art frightens you and you need something to suck on). Art is visible, not readable. Imagine making this error with books, and instead of reading them, you paid irrelevant attention to all those big grey rectangles made of tiny shapes. The only way to develop a relationship with art is by seeing it – which can only be done by looking at it (in silence, and for as long as it takes to see it). Until you have trained yourself to do this, you are not qualified to pronounce the slightest word on any art anywhere.
For anyone inclined to argue the obvious fact that you must also know a lot of things that aren’t in the art: what do you think Seeing means?
NB there is nothing hidden in art. Everything in it is visible, including the precise level of any 'hiddenness'.

ANYONE who believes that permission to be an artist is conferred by the mere adoption of mechanical / photographic / 'new' media. (Same goes for gouache, but you think you knew that already.)

ANYONE who thinks that securing funding for a 'project' is a step in the right direction.

ANYONE who pretends to be an artist. Just what was it about this sump of true failure that you found so very attractive?

A GALLERIST or anyone else who gives an immature artist too much too soon. There are only losers in that game.

ANYONE who imagines that art must adapt to any general expectation of it. Art is a specialism exactly like mathematics in that if you're interested, you'll go to it to find out what its terms are. Try and imagine the pure stupidity of changing the rules of quantum physics to appease stubborn ignorance. Same with art.

ANYONE who behaves as if the illusory category of the 'audience' actually exists.

ANYONE who has no intention of discovering the value of silence.

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